Cobra Wire Harness Braiding Case Study

Cobra Braiding has been a supplier of wire harness braiding machines to Allplant in Australia for a number of years. Earlier this year, Allplant managed a project which involved the rejuvenation of electrical enclosures.

The Challenge

Years of damage from dust, heat and general wear and tear caused the previous electrical enclosures to experience excessive levels of corrosion, leading to the machine not functioning at the necessary level of efficiency. This damage is known to lead to cause further electrical breakdowns, stopping remote areas from receiving electricity. Due to the environment in which they are housed and the limited availability of spare parts, the enclosure repairs were often not to the standard needed to provide a long term solution.

The Cobra Braiding Solution

Cobra Braiding Machinery manufactured the Cobra 450 series. These machines were then purchased by our Australian customer Allplant, who utilised its capabilities to braid new wiring harness cables. The PVC Nylon braided harness allows for greater resistance to abrasion, as well as being able to withstand high temperatures. Further, the harness is also resistant to dirt and moisture, ensuring that the harness remains clean and, therefore, functions as expected.

The critical component upgrades to the electrical enclosures, including the braided harness manufactured using Cobra machines, has led to a reduction in electrical faults and power downtime.

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