The Cobra 450 is a globally recognised wire braiding machine used for the overbraiding of wiring harnesses or cable assemblies, servicing a range of industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Commercial automotive
  • Off road vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Construction and mining
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Marine engines

Higher profitability, productivity and improved ergonomics are the key benefits of the Cobra wiring harness braiding machine. This is achieved in three areas.

  1. Firstly, the speed of the machine. For a comparison with your existing machine speeds, please contact Cobra.
  2. Secondly large packages of yarn or wire can be used which reduce runout wastage, save on machine downtime and reduce material shipping costs.
  3. Finally, the layout and options available on the Cobra 450 are designed to improve ergonomics. For example, the noise level is low allowing the use of clear panels on the guards. This allows the operator to see the process and improves productivity.

About Cobra Braiding

Cobra manufactures and supplies braiding machines and equipment to a wide range of markets including heavy vehicles, aerospace, medical, engineering, and narrow fabrics. 95% of the braiding machines Cobra manufactures are exported overseas to countries such as the USA, Mexico, Europe, China, Japan, and Australia. Cobra takes great pride in every machine that leaves the factory for all export markets. Our customer base ranges from the Fortune 500, Japanese multinationals, European international companies, employee-owned businesses to owner-managed companies. Cobra‘s experience in overseas markets gives us the tools to make shipping to our customers easier and simpler.