Cobra can also offer something which is unique and different from the competition - the Cobra carrier.

Featuring an enclosed adjustable tension spring, this enables the tension to easily be adjusted over a wide range. As a result the carrier delivers constant tension. This also avoids the replacement of the tension spring - a feature on other carriers - everytime the spring loses tension.

How can this benefit you?

Through less yarn or wire wastage. Secondly, simpler maintenance and less down time on carrier maintenance. Thirdly, the capability to braid delicate materials such as silk or fine wire. Finally, even tension.

The carrier has also been designed to take a variety of yarn or wire packages and can handle material wound on the following:

Either plastic flanged bobbins from Cobra or other European or USA braiding machine manufacturers.
Or paper cardboard tubes.

The carrier is available for retrofitting on other models of braiding machines. For example Cobra supplied carriers to retrofit on a 296 carrier 3 dimensional braiding machine. In the USA a major manufacturer of automotive hose uses Cobra carriers on machines supplied by another braiding machine company.



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