General Applications

Cobra produces braiding machinery for a range of other applications INCLUDING TEXTILES & WIRE

Textiles & Wire

Specialist applications for the textile braiding machines range from composites and technical textiles to specialist cable applications.

Cobra has a team of qualified, experienced engineers that are available to offer technical consultancy for our customers, particularly on the construction of a braid in relation to the braid’s end use. This consultancy is widely regarded as customers can gain competitive and technical advantages.

Specialist applications

Typical applications for braiding machinery products include:

  • Composites
  • High field magnets
  • Heat sense cables
  • Aerospace cables

Cobra braiding machines are capable of braiding a range of fibres such as cotton to Kevlar and glass fibre. 

Cobra carriers and textile braiding machines can also be used for 3 dimensional braiding. Machine speeds vary depending on the application up to 300 horngear rpm. Contact us for a quotation or for a technical consultation today.