Hose Braiding Machinery

Typically used for over braiding thermoplastic and rubber hose or plastic tubing for textile reinforced hose. Textiles includes nylon, polyester, kevlar and coated yarns

The Cobra hose braiding machine offers a cost effective solution where low tension is required.

Product applications include automotive, aerospace and medical uses.

The key benefit of the machine is the ability of the carrier to deliver constant tension for a product where burst pressure is critical

The following yarn packages can be used:

Yarn ready wound on cardboard or paper tubes
Cobra 950 bobbin
Cobra 540 bobbin
American style bobbins
European style bobbins

The bore size should be a maximum of 40mm or 1.5 inches.

Because of the performance capabilities of the carrier particularly when used with a cardboard or paper tube, Cobra can supply the carrier to own equipment manufacturers.

As well as the standard 16, 24, 32 and 48 carrier machine sizes, Cobra can also offer hose braiding machinery in other less popular sizes. The machinery can be manufactured to braid horizontally or vertically. Facilities are also available to link the braiding machine to a production line.

Consult Cobra with details of your own specific requirements.



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