Standard parts are always in stock.

Cobra will ship all standard parts (for example carrier parts) within 24 hours.

This means:

  • Any orders reaching us before 10 am (UK time ) will be shipped the same day.

  • After 10 am ( UK time) orders will be shipped within 24 hours

For complete carrier builds allow 2-3 days for order to be shipped.

The following information will help Cobra process your order

  • Machine serial number (this is shown on the name plate)

  • Part number and description

  • A photograph where this information is not available

The machine serial number enables Cobra to identify the complete specification when the machine was built.

JB Hyde Pickmaster, JB Hyde 4 inch, JB Hyde 5 inch or B and F Carter ”bench “ braiders. We can supply carrier parts or carrier builds for these machines. Please consult Cobra

To read the PDF-files you need Acrobat reader.
Free download of the Acrobat Reader - CLICK HERE

Machine general arrangement

Info A01: Standard and variable parts arrangement (~115KB)


Info TO1: Track parts ( ~36KB)


Info H01: Haul-off parts A ( ~33KB)
Info H02: Haul-off parts B (~30KB)


Info M01: Motor parts ( ~27KB)


Info C01: Cobra 250 with Cobra 250 bobbin or paper/plastic tube
Info C05: Cobra No 5 carrier for paper/plastic tube
Info C06: Cobra Wire carrier for Wardwell bobbins



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