Textile Braiding Machinery

Applications for the textile braiding machines range from narrow fabrics to technical textiles. In the last five years Cobra has seen a rise in the demand for technical textiles products in such diverse areas as high field magnets, sleeving products for the automotive industry and medical products.

As well as providing machinery Cobra can offer technical consultancy particularly on the construction of a braid in relation to the braid's end use. This consultancy is widely regarded as customers can gain competitive and technical advantages.

Typical applications for textile braiding machinery products include:

Surgical products such as sutures
Dental floss
Fishing lines
Parachute cords
Yacht ropes
Climbing ropes
Shock cord

Cobra textile braiding machines are capable of braiding a range of fibres from natural fibres such as cotton to kevlar to glass fibre.

For natural fibres, in particular cotton, the carrier is capable of holding large volume packages to produce long continuous runs for easier downstream processing.

Cobra carriers and textile braiding machines can also be used for 3 dimensional braiding.

Machine speeds vary depending on the application upto 300 horngear rpm.



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