Wire Braiding Machinery

Cobra wire braiding machines are able to braid “soft metals” which are ductile and pliable. This is because the carriers have been designed to operate up to a tension level of 650 grams or 1.5 lbs.

Typical metals that can be braided are tinned copper, stainless steel, high performance alloys, nitinol, gold and silver. These include braid wire as listed under Federal Specification QQ-B-575C.

The number of carrier options varies from 3 to 64 including flat braids. This variety leads to the maypole machine being used in niche wire applications where a rotary braiding machine is not suitable.

Such niche applications includes:

Medical products such as catheters.
High end aerospace products where wire is used in sleeving for harnesses. Precision moulded rubber seals.
Electrical trace heating products.
Loud speaker cables.

The maximum wire diameter capable of being braided on Cobra wire braiding machinery is:

0.2 mm
0.008 inches
Upto 18 ends

The Cobra wire carrier can use the following packages or bobbins:

Wardwell S24 plastic bobbin
Wardwell S16 plastic bobbin
Cobra 080 fine wire bobbin
European style bobbins

The product can either be braided horizontally or vertically.



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