See what our customers say

“We have been using Cobra machines since 2003 and everyone here knows that Cobra are the machines by which others are judged”

Aerospace Company, California

“We changed our machines to Cobra after suffering years of bad quality braiding and frequent reworks…overnight our problems disappeared. We were smart to switch to Cobra.”

Harness manufacturer, Europe

“Our current Cobra is running like a dream. Once again we pass on our thanks to you and the team. The programme the Cobra was purchased to support is running better than ever, and considerably quicker.”

Aerospace company, Europe

“On our big harnesses, the time to braid reduced from 6 hours to 4 hours when we switched to Cobra.”

Harness manufacturer, Mid-West

“Everything looks OK so far, the training received was very productive and now we are using the equipment without any problems. Actually, most of the people who know the braiding machines from other companies are greatly surprised about the low operational noise of the Cobra machine.”

Harness manufacturer, Mexico

“We replaced 12 of our old machines with 7 Cobra machines for the same output.”

Harness manufacturer, Mexico